Friday, September 10, 2010

Who knew gyming was addictive...

I honestly did not think that I could become so addicted to exercising!

Whether it's using the cross-trainer for 60mins, aiming to run for 9km, boxing sessions and dance classes.

So the results after one week; (some expected, some unexpected)

1. Every muscle in my body is hurting
2. I discovered new muscles in my body
3. Eating has increased dramatically, both unhealthy (including cream biscuits) and healthy, lots of fruit and veg
4. I am competing against myself, trying to beat my own record
5. Arms and upper back, hamstrings and legs are looking toned and...

I feel great! And really sore and really tired! But nevermind the last two, I feel great! Fitter, stronger and only excited about getting more fitter and stronger!

So exercise is good and it has been an awesome way to de-stress from work and everything else life chucks in my face.

And yes, I am gyming tonight! No pain, no gain!


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