Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012's New TV Hit Shows

So it's been awhile and I do have to apologise for my laziness but I have had a lot of worries happening. Anyway, I thought I might give you a preview of a couple of my favourite tv shows for this year and you MUST watch it.

To start and perhaps my favourite is a new tv show called Revenge

This tv show is about a girl who's father was framed for a terroist act in the States and this act killed hundreds on a plane. She find this out later in her teens once she's out of juvie and she's pissed. Real pissed.

But she has help, firstly her father left her with a handsome fund and a friend who is loyal to her father helps her to carry out carefully planned events to destroy the lives of those that joined together to frame her father.

But there are plenty of hiccups along the way. A mentally ill friend of her pretend boyfriend tries to kill her and her juvie friend who is a murderer comes and visits her.

This show is exciting, it has the glamour of Gossip Girl but of course without the brattiness and the pointless evil schemes of Blair and Chuck and it's cleverly written and played out.

Now don't think I am encouraging revenge because I am not. This shows makes you think about what you would do instead of Amanda/Emily.

But I do support justice, just not that twisted.

See on on Channel 7 soon.

Once Upon A Time

If you like fairy tales but in a modern way, then this show is for you.

There is a lot of darkness and happiness. Every episode is different and we learn something new about the curse.

It has characters from all of the fairy tales we know, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel and etc.

And it stars House actress - Jennifer Morrison, along with other well-known actors Ginnifer Goodwin from Mona Lisa Smile and Big Love.

Also showing on Channel 7.

Keep watching and let me know what you guys think.