Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Biggest Live TV Mistake - ANTM

Unless you have been living in a rock ever since last night, you should have heard about the Australia's Next Top Model blunder.

Sarah Murdoch, a Co-Executive Producer had announced the wrong winner for Cycle 6. She was fed the wrong information from the broadcast truck or a technical error, whichever one it's not entirely clear.

Poor Kelsey, who I believe is the only real model there and I would even go as far as saying she is the next top model for Australia, had done a beautiful acceptance speech and positively glowing after the announcement. She was so humble from the mistake. She was amazingly mature for a 19-year-old.

She did not walk away empty-handed though, she did get $25k prize money and a trip to see Elite Models in New York but I bet she wanted that new Ford Zetec and the Levi's ad campaign, to be on the cover of the fashion bible - Harpers and have her own magazine spreadh (which she did the best job in the fashion shoot as per the fashion editor, photographer and editor - McCann)

All I know is, thank goodness Sophie didn't win, a model should not resemble a rock and a stick paired together. At least Amanda has potential.

In future, Fox, make it official and hand Sarah an envelope or a piece of card or something instead of feeding the name of the winner through the earpiece...even an accountant would have known the risk of doing that!


Btw Amanda's new cover, the dress saved this picture.

Just another update. Harper's just emailed me to confirm Kelsey will have her own cover! Hooray! I bet they were afraid no one would buy the November issue because of the drama.

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