Thursday, September 30, 2010

Temt & Shop Til You Shop Summer Cruise

Last night was a breezy night. It was chilly and for the first time this Spring I wish that I wore stockings!

My lovely mummy and I docked a Russian boat (not entirely sure what a Russian boat should looks like but this one was old looking and made lots of creaky noises) at approxmately 6.15pm.

(Funny Moment) I got asked by one of the organisers if I was over 18...please leave your comments here.

The boat was already full of people seated both downstairs and upstairs but to credit my smart mother, she found us some seats in between tables.

We sipped Schweppes mineral water and chatted (more like heated discussion of many topics including politics...huh?)

After half an hour, we arrived at Harbourside Shopping Centre. All the guests walked upstairs, trailing one after each other like a pack of excited wolves. We were greeted by a massive red curtain and a black (instead of red) carpet.

We were welcomed and after the introduction, all the women madly RUSHED into the store. (That was the scariest bit!)

On service, there was canapes of sushi, ham and cheese sandwiches and spinach and cheese pastries. We passed on the champagne because it was a Wednesday night and simply enjoyed browsing through the store.

Onto the fashion!

Trends this summer:

Angelic - the pastel and soft pinks are back! Full of fine details such as lace, frills. It's all about looking innocent and very feminine.

Navy - inspired by the sea no doubt. The looks are more fitted and structure. They are shorts paired with stripes

Casual - pieces are loose, but still paired with soft looks such as floral tops. And short shorts are back!

Oh I forgot to mention there was 20% last night but I didn't manage to get anything because it was like sardines in the store.

But there's always next time.


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