Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How shoes are not meant forever...

Ok so you are probably thinking that the title is a metaphor, that perhaps I am referring to something else that is happening in my life.

Well, that is partially true.

Metaphorically, shoes give us comfort. It can give us confidence to stand tall. It can give us every reason to take fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But what happens, when it is taken away?

What happens when that same, usual thing has been taken away and we cannot find a replacement. Then we know that comfort and confidence can come and go away. Often beyond our control.

Onto the literal part. It’s raining. It’s pouring and I’m pretty sure there are old men snoring.

The weather has destroyed two of my beloved flats. Bye bye Rocadog…

I must find a pair of flats that will withstand the rain, wind and anything else mother nature will throw at me.

Until next time,