Who is Elly?

I would like to think that I am a free-spirit, a being that is longing to find her kindred- spirit. Someone who is always travelling, meeting strangers and never staying at a single place for too long.

Hahaha! What a bunch of made-up rubbish!

I am a Finance Manager, who does actually love her job so yes it's true I like the number-crunching that's involved (whenever, there is any!)

I have always been a creative being, whether it be in dance, songwriting, singing or writing.

I have a long list of things I love and there are always new things that are being added.

I solemnly promise to write about the events I get invited to, the new beauty products that I'm loving, the latest movie premieres that I'm dying to go to and anything else random I get asked (yes I will keep it short and very sweet).

If you know any, comment on my blog and list them out. If you don't know me, come and get to know me, it could be fun.

Best wishes as always &amp lots of love.