Friday, February 18, 2011

What Jen Did Next...

The beautiful Jen Hawkins. Everyone loves her. The boys see her as one of the sexiest women alive and girls see her as the girl-next-door, all sweet and down-to-earth.

But there's more behind the appearances.

She's a business woman. She's goal orientated and watch out - because she's ambitious.

After winning Miss Universe, she was on our tv regularly travelling the world with the Great Outdoors and dancing ballroom(and having a few live-tv wardrobe malfunctions).

Once her Channel Seven contract was up, she bluntly said if she was to switch to Getaway, it would be lame.

Well guess what. She should take back those words because she has joined the cast of Getaway in 2011, alongside another former Seven face - Kate Ceberano.

So yes, she will remain on our screens.

In another projects she has going for her is still being the face of Myer. However, that contract is on shaky ground. Myer head, Bernie Brooks was quoted that he wanted to dump Jen because her team was very hard to deal with.

So the temporary solution was to replace her with another Aussie Jess Hart to represent Myer at the G'day USA Ball.

Looks like if Jen wants to be in press constantly for all the right reasons, she should switch management.

Perhaps her most controversial story was being nude on the front cover of Marie Claire. Her good intentions of promoting awareness for the Butterfly Foundation backfired because the story was promoting 'real women'.

As a result, Myer was unhappy and disappointed. Other magazines such as Woman's Day have dumped her from being on their covers.

But at least Jen still has Jake Wall and her millions in profits.


What happens if I wake up from a coma?

And I don't remember who I am...

I think I would try my best to find out who my family and friends were. Unless I discover it was bad, I’ll go back.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

March Fashion Magazine Covers

This week, I couldn't ignore the glossiness and beauty of each one of these international magazine covers. They are all engaging in their own right and they are highlighting some new talents.


For the boys, Model-turned-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – is starring in the forthcoming Transformers 3 film – makes her solo cover debut with this month's issue. (She replaces Megan what does everyone think?)


Not shy of attention, this lady has achieved her first ever Vogue cover. Finally, the Devil Wears Prada acknowledges Lady GaGa's influences on trends and fashion.


Katy Perry in colour blocks. She speaks about how her first record company dropped her when she was writing and singing Christian rock songs. Interesting fact, she was blonde back then. Brunette definitely suits her.


The one message for this season is that it’s time to be brave and embrace the joy of colour (I am trying to remind myself not to wear black every single day), whether it be with prints, stripes or just big bright bold blocks. And what better inspiration than that capital of colour - MEXICO! (Which is the location of where the cover was shot)

All of these mags are available at Borders and some available at the local newsagency.

Happy colour blocking or striping!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 Grammys In Pictures

Every year the Grammys does not go unnoticed. Thanks to the artists that like to make a statement and like to dress up.

Lady Gaga arriving in an egg. If you look closely, she really is in there...

I wonder how long she was in that egg for...

This is Katy Perry with Russell Brand's mum! They are so cute.

Since Lea Michele from Glee has lost that 10kg, she has gained so much more confidence. Look at that dress and her facial expression. But it doesn't hurt to smile.

Co-star Dianna chose a heavier makeup this time round. She looks good. It brings out her green eyes.

Fellow Aussie representatives drew plenty of attention.

Snooki from Jersey Shore, looking more classy then she's ever looked. I can't believe she's written a book. (She can't even write a simple letter)

Wow, doesn't Katy look so pretty. She's performing her new song.

Lastly, my favourite male artist, no it's not Justin Bieber, it's USHER! They are performing OMG.


Monday, February 14, 2011

What to do on V Day

If you are taken and a girl...awesome! You are like me, we don't need to plan anything except maybe buy a nice thoughtful gift! Whilst our other half, is all nervous about how the night or day will turn out.

Some go all out, hiring a private yacht to sail into the sunset (just envious of those that are doing this!) and some plan for something more traditional like a picnic in the park.

Whatever the plan is, I am just happy to spend time together. I don't come in with ideas from all my favourite rom-coms because frankly, they are unrealistic and it is hardly fair. (i.e. not everyone is Mr Darcy or Channing Tatum). And I don't want my dress to go on fire like Ms Lopez' in the Backup Plan or loosing my one of my Jimmy Choos on the stairs as I am rushing down them.

Ok, now for you single people (no I haven't forgotten about you single ladies and lads).

I know many of you are so jealous about the fact that other exciting and romantic things are happening to your friends. But rest assure, they are events planned around Sydney city, appropriately named Anti-Valentine's Day.

The best one and the most famous one in Sydney is hosted by Slip Inn on 11 Sussex St. I believe this is where Prince Fred met Princess Mary.

Be aware that some men do go to these events hunting for single women so if you are open to potential royalty or doosh-bag then go for it! But bring the girls along for protection and for great company.

Happy Valentine's Day! And take some photos for me please.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sisley Paris Products Review

I was recently treated to a facial and hand massage at Sisley at DJs. And many products were used on my face and one on my hand so I thought it would be good to share with you what my thoughts are.

Firstly, I have combination skin so take into what your skin type is.

Sisley started in Paris back in 1975 by Hubert d'Ornano. He focused on using botanical ingredients and essential oils, which is still occurring today.

Eye & Face masks are both clear. After 10 minutes, the skin should be feeling a little more hydrated. Mine felt a bit sticky which was the excess mask.

It doesn't have to washed off, it can just be toned off (meaning, wetting cotton pads or facial tissues with a gentle toner). I can't say that it did wonders because my skin still felt dry.

Hydrating moisturiser definitely has a thicker consistency. The product information says that it should be for an older woman but it encourages the young to start using it to prevent aging. It goes on smoothly but I think it might make me break out. I think my mum will like this product.

Rose water spray works like a toner but it also works like Evian facial spray water. It's hydrating and it smells so lovely. It's very similar to Jurlique Rose Water as well.

Foundation Teint Eclat is a heavy coverage. It uses the same natural and botanical ingredients but I swear it has a lot of synthetic ingredients in it because it looks funny on my skin. (only because it's more for an oily skin)

Hand cream smells like lavender. It smells beautiful and leaves me hands feeling very moisturised. I don't think it's worth the actual price though.

To finish, Sisley is not aimed at the younger market but they focus on high quality and hence it's the most expensive brand on the market. Website


Friday, February 4, 2011

The New Trend - Femi-man

Now I don't know about you, but when a guy who openly says that Zac Efron is hot, this raises many alarm bells for me.

It also doesn't help when he is a lot older than Efron and he secretly watches his movies over and over again. And yes, this includes 17 Again and Charlie St Cloud.

Efron is a lot more feminine than the average Joe. He has been quoted on numerous occasions about his love affair for makeup. And he doesn't go anywhere without it on. Heck, does he wear more makeup than his ex-girlfriends?

This got me thinking, how far do some men go?

The latest model that is taking the international stage by storm is Andrej Pejic.

From Broadmeadows, Australia, this dude (yes I said dude) is only 19 years old. He is Serbian and he said he doesn't mind that designers hire him to dress in women's clothing.

I don't know about you, but he is one beautiful boy. And he is a natural on-stage and on the catwalk.

He has been incredibly successful so far, appearing in international Vogue editions and hired by Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano.

This model is the model to watch in 2011.

Happy New Year! And Chinese New Year for my fellow Chinese peeps.