Monday, September 23, 2013

Timmy and Penny & Ali & Danielle, etc The Aussie Bachelor

My! It's already Week 4, and Ali (the blonde and bubbly real estate agent) gets her first one on one date. And yes, on the first night, she did try to kiss Tim (she's a very forward girl).

Her date was car racing (driven by a F1 driver) and boxing and picnic in the park. She gets her kiss after she tried to teach a couple dance move with Tim where she bends over and asks Tim to pull her. But the move does look awesome.

She is a sweetheart but you can tell she is going to drive herself crazy throughout the weeks. I am betting she turns out the crazy one.

Who is the least smart? Bianca, at 31, she slurs her words (perhaps she drank some alcomohol) and tries to grope Tim in the swimming pool with lots of women around...

Who is the most catty? Danielle, she wishes ill upon every one of those women in there. (She looks evil when she smiles)

Who is the favourite? Penny, she is the most mature in the house and she is grounded, fun and a great friend to all of them.

Who is your favourite and least favourite?

I am loving how Ali is wearing this dress

Alluring Anna, she has got Tim captivated

'I feel like jumping on Tim's back and let my hands wander over his body" Bianca who was sent packing

Danielle, 'I hope he gets sick of her (Ali) after one date'

Bubbly and down-to-earth Penny

Check back next week for more fashion pictures.


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