Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Best & Worst Dressed from 2011 Logies

I like looking at dresses. And Logies happen to be an event where all of the local celebrities dress up.

So needless to say that I was disappointed this year. Scroll through the pics and you will see why.

Laura Dundovic (I must be nice because her dad works at my company and could any moment come down and have a firm word with me) looks hot! Her dress by Charlie Brown looks sexy and fits her well. Her hair is sleek. But her tan...over.the.top. And her white knickers...they are showing.

Perhaps the dress wasn't the right choice after all.

Next the Queens and Princesses of White.

Erin is also too orange. And Erin, please try to smile. The Logies is a celebration of Aussie tv. But your dress does look good.

Jess nominated for her first Gold Logie decided to share with us a little too much of herself.

Sonia, no doubt looking forward to the start of Dancing with the Stars. Only because she gets to dress up every week for the show.

Megan also in white. The dress is nice but we've seen it before. Next!

Lee is almost an Oompa Loompa.

Natalie is a mermaid! The dress is really nicely fitted.

Katy injects some of her fashion style and 80s.

Carrie from the 7pm Project gives us some colour! Finally...something different from the white, dark blues and bronze. (See below)

I love Michelle. But I don't love this dress.

Some dark blue. Sleek and beautiful dress. But again, the Aussie women have overdone the tan. Let's at least hope it's fake tan rather than cancer tan.

I have no words to describe this dress. Girly? At least she looks happy.

What are your thoughts?
Who were the clear winners and losers?


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