Friday, September 10, 2010

ActiFryday lunch at Fish Face, Darlinghurst

I was invited to a 2-3pm sitting for a special Friday lunch (rather very late lunch).

My bf and I arrived 10mins late, only because the cab driver took us the wrong way along Darlinghurst road. We walked in and it was quite busy, no doubt the previous 1-2pm sitting hadn't concluded as yet.

Fish face is buzzing and you can feel the atmosphere is light but very busy.

We waited for a staff to direct us to a table or some spare seats. A PR from Tefal said to me, that they were a little busy, which I wasn't surprised but I think she implied that we should just stand around and wait even though it was now 15 minutes pass the start of our 'lunch'.

One of the owners thankfully came to the rescue and apparently there was space for us!

On our seats were goodie bags (which I left mine behind because I knew I wouldn't be cooking anytime soon), there were 2 cookbooks and one about nutrition and calorie counting (which I am done doing!)

We were brought mineral water.

And we waited...for 45 minutes to be given our food.

But when it did come, I was happy, even though it was close to 3pm. I had steamed salmon fillet, with Asian-influenced, soy and ginger sauce with Asian greens.

My bf had flathead and chips, with some very yummy sauce. He devoured that pretty quickly (with my help obviously!)

Our sides were 'crispy' chips (could have been more crispy) and salad.

Dessert was sticky date pudding that was missing some of the bottom, drizzled with butterscotch sauce and double cream.

I think we must have made a record because we ate all that in less than 30 minutes (give or take, depending on how fast th food came around).

And not to mention, I think the photographer must have taken 10 photos of us and came up and said hello. Hopefully we look good and I will look out for those photos online. (And will post them here!)

It's now nearly 4pm and I am so full because of the yummy seafood we had (and feeling slightly guilty about the unhealthy tartare sauce I ate).

Oh well, there's always my new bestie (the gym) tonight!


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