Thursday, September 9, 2010

Metalicus & Madison Magazine event

Last night, I dragged my bf (who willingly came as my plus one) to Chatswood Chase to attend a special event hosted by Metalicus and Madison magazine.

I must say the new styles they had - I've seen before. E.g. the striped ensembles. Although some of their colour blocks were interesting. (Check out the picture)

I did like; however, how soft the outfits were and how summery it felt. It looked comfortable.

The store itself was small so with the amount of people that were invited, only a small portion of people could actually fit inside. Shame, it felt like Chinatown when I was in there and honestly, I came straight out!

Their goodie bags were snatched by the attendees in seconds! Some women even decided to grab two! Tsk Tsk...I thought I was greedy but apparently not! I grabbed the same bag as this other woman and I just let her take it...

But I did get my hands on one, and inside was...the new Madison mag with the gorgeous Drew Barrymore on it, a stainless steel Metalicus water bottle, Metalicus black tights (which I am wearing right now and it's keeping me warm!), some lollies (which I hope my bf's sister is enjoying!), a Madison cookbook (I love my food and am a wannabe chef) and a Schweppes drink.

Just an update about the stockings, after one day of wearing them, I have a medium size hole and a long ladder...argh! It's RRP for $25, exy!

All in all, Metalicus and Madison did a good job putting together a good show. I did like the mini fashion parade.

And yes, I will be blogging each event I will be attending.


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