Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Delhi are you sure you are ready?

In case you have been living in a hole, I am about to inform you that the Commonwealth Games are back again. This time in Delhi. You may have heard that there have been reports of terrorist attacks, terrible living conditions for the athletes and collapsing newly built structures.

With only days until the official opening ceremony and the opening of the rest of the athletes' living quarters, is Delhi ready to host this big event?

Many well-known athletes have already pulled out saying that their life is more important than a gold medal.

So truthfully, is a gold medal more valuable that people's lives?

Are the rest of our Aussie team going to withdraw and come home?

Is Australia going to end up with no medals?

I think the next few days will be interesting to watch...

BUT, please netball teams, do NOT withdraw...otherwise my next month will be netball-less (so get lost terrorism, bring on wonderful engineers and construction)


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