Monday, September 20, 2010

Obsession with perfection

I understand that in Hollywood, Miami, Brazil and anywhere else, people (especially women) are becoming more obsessed with looking their best. But where is the line that people should draw?

We have all seen certain women (and men) from the past who have taken it just a tiny bit too far. Take for example Joan Rivers, she was a successful for being funny and her acting. That's until she morphed herself into a cat.


Elvis' wife - Pricilla was known for her natural beauty...and now she has less wrinkles than her daughter and closer to a female Michael Jackson.

More recently, the fresh faced Heidi Montag from one of my favourite shows - the Hills, decided that she was unhappy because she didn't look like all the other freaks in the city. To her dismay, her nose has already started falling off, let's hope she doesn't have an incident where she accidentally steps on it when it's on the ground.

The latest celebrity to try plastic surgery was Kim Kardashian. I can't believe her own mother tormented her on the show about how she has wrinkles around her eyes. (That's setting a pretty terrible example). She ended up getting bruises around her eyes/face and she was horrified, vowing never to resort to plastic surgery again. Thank goodness! She's only 30! And she's beautiful.

Embrace the inner beauty!


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