Monday, June 20, 2011

Holiday Spots---Chosen by the Celebs

So I am rolling into year end...that's right this time round I am suppose to prepare myself for working 20 days in a row, from 8.30 (translation 9am because I know I won't wake up in time) until 10pm (translation midnight or 1am because I am a wishful thinker).
And the rest of the two months are my 'normal' hours 8.30pm until 9pm.

As you can imagine, I am planning my weekend aways or much-needed holidays.

To do this, I thought get a little of inspiration from the fame and fortuned.

This is definitely suited to a young crowd like myself but not quite like the Jersey Shore peeps. It's got  beaches to water sports, unequaled sportfishing, nightlife and shopping.

Saint-Tropez, France
Saint-Tropez has held that mysterious allure ever since the Invasion of Normandy. The beaches are gorgeous, the hotels and the yachts are swanky– not to mention bigger than your house.
It's a place for the wealthy to roam.


Aspen, ColoradoHollywood starlets invade these slopes and spend Christmas in this fantasy Winter Wonderland. A place for the wealthy who love to ski.


Bora Bora, French Polynesia
This destination is for the young couples. Full of honeymoon goers and no wonder. It's so beautiful and have lovely restaurants.


Mallorca, Spain
The Balearic island in Spain is a classic celebrity and royal retreat. It costs big money to live and vacation well here which means I won't be visiting this destination either. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones own a property worth in the area of $8 million and a Vespa tour of the island will whizz you past homes that belong to F1 drivers, tennis pros and Brit footballers and pop stars.

So in summary, I am only dreaming...


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