Monday, March 31, 2014

Hangbag Favourites

What should a girl always have with her?

Below are some of my suggestions...

Maybelline Baby Lips
No one likes the feeling of chapped and flaky lips. This little thing will keep the lips soft and nourished. My trusty friend.

Jurlique Jasmine Hand Cream
I am currently using this hand cream and this smells so yummy like my tea. Jurlique creates great quality hand creams that is made to last and protects the hands from dryness.

Britney Spears Curious Perfume
I have always loved this fragrance and the team behind this fragrance is Elizabeth Arden so trust it's soft, floral and feminine. This is Britney's first perfume.

What is in your handbag?


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Skincare : My Favourite Natio Products Part 1

I have used Natio for a little while now.

But before then, I was struggling to find a skincare that didn't strip my skin but was still treating and caring for my stressed skin.

So here goes...some of my favourite Natio products so far (btw they are really affordable, big on quality and low on price!)

This night moisturiser/treatment is light but at the same time still hydrating. This is my night cream by choice in summer. And it helps it keep my adult blemishes less than what it could be.

Toners are an important part of the skincare routine because your cleanser doesn't always wash away all the dirt, oil and makeup off (depending on what you did for the day and the environments you were in). But many toners on the market are quite harsh but Natio's Rosewater and Chamomile is a gentle toner and smells so lovely and does the job.


This day moisturiser is very light and is my choice for the summer. The negative about this moisturiser is that there is no SPF. It gives my skin hydration.


I believe finding the right cleanser for your skin can really change the condition of your skin.
I love this gentle cleanser. It cleans well and I love how it foams up, giving me an even better impression that my skin is getting cleaned up right now.

A great alternative to foundation is BB Cream. It's lighter, doesn't clog the pores, calms the skin down and has SPF. See my previous post on BB Cream here.

Come back next week for Part 2!

What is your favourite brand and product?


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Recap : The Face Australia Episode 2

The week starts with Naomi Campbell teaching the girls how to shoot with a product (that takeovers) and all they have is 60 seconds to sell the product.

The Face Australia, Sarah
Sarah who looks like Nicole Trunfio won with 32 useable shots. #TeamNaomi She wins a gorgeous, blue Givenchy bag.

This weeks challenge was 'high end fashion' photoshoot for Marie Claire. The judge was Jackie Frank, Editor and Publisher (who I adore and never miss an issue).

#TeamNaomi wins and all the girls look gorgeous

Check out some of the photos from Episode 2...

The Face Australia, Team Cheyenne

The Face Australia, Team Nicole

The Face Australia, Team Naomi

The Face Australia, Red High End Fashion Dresses

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Recap : The Face Australia Episode 1

The ever successful Australia's Next Top Model has some serious competition and that is Naomi Campbell. Having already established the US and UK franchise, Naomi is here to discover the next international supermodel.

On first glance, ANTM has newbies and girls that lack experience, whereas The Face has experienced girls and girls that have careers (some even international including the Big Apple).

The host, George (famous photographer whom I've never heard of), the girls first meet in a transformed Carriageworks. Throughout the weeks, the girls will be mentored by Nicole Trunfio, Cheyenne Tozzi and Naomi Campbell.

If the girls are lucky to be chosen, they have to pick their mentor. Then they fight it out to be the last one remaining.

Will you be watching?


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vogue Cover : Kim and Kayne

US Vogue, Kim and Kayne, April 2014

Anna Wintour, 'the Devil' from the New York best-selling book turned high ranking movie 'The Devil Wears Prada' had previously said people like Kim and Kayne would never get the honour of being on the cover of US Vogue.

Obviously, she's changed her mind since. The April issue is out soon and in the interview Kayne is a 'creative polyglot' and Kim is a 'cultural phenomenon'.

Check out some of the photos below from the photoshoot.

Flying High, Kim, Kayne, North

Kim, Kayne, North

Walking, Kayne, Kim

The photographer is the famous Annie Leibovitz.

Kim is wearing Alexander McQueen.

P.s I love the look Kim and Kayne's daughter, North is giving.

What do you think of the photos above?


Monday, March 24, 2014

Product Review : True Glow Cleansing Brush by Conair

Product Review : True Glow Cleansing Brush by Conair

If you ever feel like your skin is never clean enough from your normal cleansing routine and you are using up a lot of your toner then this brush promises to literally shake dirt and makeup from your pores without irritating your skin.

My normal cleansing routine is using a gentle foaming cleanser from Natio and lathering it on my face with water.

My skin is generally sensitive due to weather changes and generally from the environment so I chose to test drive product in place of my normal second cleanse.

This second cleanse is the most important because after a normal day, I have makeup, oil and dirt in my pores and I know the Pimple Devil is knocking on my door. Thus, a deeper and more thorough clean is required.

To use the brush and a damp face, place some of your normal cleanser on your face and a little bit of the cleanser on the brush head. I start the brush on low (recommended so you don't give yourself a shock) and then it automatically moves from medium to high then back to low.

I find the routine is a bit long for my face but for my body not long enough. Maybe, my face is too small...

Overall, a great product which I would use once a day.

Do you have a sonic brush? If so, which one?


Monday, March 17, 2014

Model Spotlight : Lottie Moss

Lottie Moss shares the same surname as Kate Moss.

Lottie is the younger half-sister of Kate and she is only 13 years old. Yes and she is short for a model, at 165cm (same as Kate).

She is quick to make her mark on the fashion industry. Here she is featured in Teen Vogue.

She is signed by Storm Models.

What do you think of her? Does she look like Kate?


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Model Spotlight : Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerry, an Australian beauty who has been on highs and lows, highs from her career and business and lows from her separation from Orlando Bloom.

She was one of the main 'Angels' for Victoria's Secret and the face of David Jones. But her contracts ended and the fashion industry thought Miranda;s career was on the slowdown but she's enjoying life move than ever.

Miranda with son
Dressed all in grey (which for most will make them look dull and gloomy) but she is looking very stylish, along with her son.

Miranda Kerr for Swarovski
Miranda Kerr for Swarovski, luxury jewellery brand began around Christmas

Miranda Kerr, H&M

Miranda was announced the face of H&M. We don't have H&M here but I wish we did. Look at the beautiful skirts and blouses.

Miranda Kerr for Reebok

A double announcement, Miranda is also the face of footwear brand Reebok.

So her clothing and footwear is covered, she is also the face and founder of her organic skincare brand, KORA.

What do you think of Miranda?

Who is your favourite model?


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Red Carpet: Oscars Fashion 2014

There has been lots of glitz and glamour, awkward moments and many funny moments but I'm just going to focus on the fashion from the red carpet because many of us just watch the Oscars simply for the amazing gowns.

The three below are my favourites

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

Lupita Nyong in Prada

Cate Blanchett dressed by Armani