Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finally going to smell like GaGa

She's been around for awhile now. She's won numerous awards for her music and videos but I have always tuned out only because I thought she was OTT.

I must admit, she is a creative being. Her music is addictive and her lyrics have meaning (even if they are inappropriate for my innocent ears) and her style has made her a fashion icon.

Her individuality and her unique look has sky-rocketed her to every women's and fashion magazine, blog and website. No doubt, check out what she wore to the MTV awards. (And those alien and sky-scraping (late) Alex McQueen shoes)

In the latest Gaga news, there's a new book out about how she is insecure (likes to sleep with her tour manager's wife) and how her media persona is 'crazy' because the record company said she was not pretty enough to be a pop star.

She is also joining forces with a beauty giant to create her new fragrance. It's the same company that produced Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce's perfumes.

I am guessing, it's going to be a sell-out.

But what will she name it? 'Dance Fever', 'Disco Fever', 'Little Monsters', 'Black, Bad Romance'.

I hear you, thank goodness I am not in the marketing department because I suck!

Whether you hate her and find her really annoying, you must admit, she's changing fashion styles and creating new trends, she's getting people talking. Or love her, because she's so wacky and her music is different, she will be around for at least another three decades.

Heck, even Paris Hilton wants to be GaGa! (And that's saying a lot!)


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