Saturday, November 2, 2013

Movie Review: Un Plan Parfait

Movie Review: Un Plan Parfait

Un Plan Parfait is a French comedy and has a love story.

It's English name is Fly Me to the Moon and stars Diane Kruger as Isabelle who is a dentist has been in a long term relationship with Pierre, her dentist partner (Robert Plagnol). They are about to wed but in her family, every woman's first husband has never lasted. So she doesn't want her perfect Pierre (handsome and buff) to not work.

Sooooo...with the encouragement of her sister (in her happy second marriage and son) and brother-in-law, she travels and meets a quirky Jean-Yves (Dany Boon) who she is foul to at first but when her initial plan to do a quick marriage didn't work out, she launches a plan to seduce Jean-Yves.

It's a fun movie with lots of funny and laugh out loud moments and not the typical romantic movie.
And loads of lovable moments and moments that make me go awwwww

Now showing at Dendy cinemas. So what is your favourite rom-com?