Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What is BB Cream?

BB Cream stands for Beauty Balm and was created and invented by Germany then improved by Korea (home of vanity and unbelievable plastic surgery transformations).

BB's aims to protects the skin (with SPF and botanical complexes), cover your imperfections (or maybe hide is a better word) and moisturises (so it's non-drying unlike many foundations).

Some of the smarter BB creams contains ingredients that will improve dark spots (from pigmentation and blemish scars) and smooth out the skin for an even skin tone.

For most BB creams you buy here in Australia, don't expect it to give you a flawless coverage like a foundation because the coverage is suppose to be light. The BB creams created by Western brands are even lighter (read below for my reviews) but they are still smart products. However, the Korean brands do give a flawless coverage and have botanical complexes and other 'super' ingredients.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream 

This was the first BB Cream I had tried.

I used the original in light and the texture is thick and slightly too thick/oily for my skin because after a few hours, it slides off!!

This BB cream aims for

    1. Hydrates for 24hrs
    2. Evens tone
    3. Corrects blemishes
    4. Boosts healthy glow
    5. UV Protection SPF 15

    It definitely feels hydrating, yes it evens skin tone, not sure it corrected my blemishes, I did have a glow (not sure if it was a goddess glow or a drop dead gorgeous glow but still works) and there is SPF which is important for summer

    Garnier has expanded this range for sensitive skin, an eye roll-on and oily skin. I'm yet to try this but when I do, I will share with you guys.

    You can get it in Priceline, Woolies and Coles. (RRP $13.99)

    Palmers Eventone BB Cream Fair to Light

    This BB Cream is definitely one of the lighter ones on the market.

    After I apply it, it doesn't appear that I look any different.

    But what I love is that it is light, so your natural beauty shows and it means your discolouration and imperfections do show but they show for the better. And it smells great! Like Palmers signature fragrance.

    And while it's on, its actively targeting discolouration and dark spots.

    (And it's cheap, RRP $9.99)

    Rimmel 9 in 1 BB Cream Primer

    So this BB Cream's 9 functions only to attempts to make the appearance of your skin look better. So there isn't anything or anything deeper than coverage. So I am convince this is any different to a tinted moisturiser.

    When I tried this, it looks horrible!! There is a pink undertone so of course for non-Caucasians, it looks pretty weird (almost alien-like)

    Get it in Priceline, Woolies, Coles (RRP $12.95)

    Finally, my last Western brand and an Australian brand (woohoo! oi oi oi!)

    Natio Pure Mineral Skin Perfecting BB Cream

    I tried the medium shade. And it's slightly thick in texture but not as thick as Garnier's original BB Cream.

    It smells lovely and that's because it contains many gorgeous plant extracts like Vitamin E, Jojoba and Shea Butter provide lasting hydration. Green Tea and Chamomile help soothe redness which is great for pimples and acne, etc.

    It looks great on my skin and I have flawless looking skin but very natural at the same time and I know there are great natural ingredients working its magic deep in my skin.

    Get it at Priceline, DJs and Myer. (RRP $14.95)

    Check back in a couple weeks for Part 2 for more reviews :)

    So have you guys tried a BB Cream? Are you interested in trying any of these products?


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Claws come Out! : Aussie Bachelor 2 Wks Recaps

Wow 2 episodes (weeks) of The Aussie Bachelor and it was quite uneventful. So this will be a short summary.

Summary: The Girls (yes girls not women, with the except of a couple) are getting really catty with each other. Check out what they wore and what they said below...

Anna with her signature red lips steals kisses from Tim (covered by his Jacket) away from prying eyes (the rest of the Australian population and The Bachelor Australia producers), she is a quirky one and one to watch.
  Belle 'shoots herself in the foot as soon as she opens her mouth', she talks about some really weird things and not appropriate things like "I have lots of guy friends, we spend time together a lot, usually doing random stuff" 
Allana, who tries and peer pressures Dani 'The biggest cat of the cats' to confront Tim about why she is here and wasting her time (in front a group of girls) - bad timing so Tim says bye bye to her.
My favourite is still Ali, she is the one that has declared Tim is her soul mate and planned their wedding already. Yes a bit delusional but it's sweet that she believes in love that much...wait and see...for the battle between Dani and Ali