Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book review : The Blood Countess by Tara Moss

There appears to be a common theme with fiction writers around the world - vampires.

The Blood Countess' main character is Pandora English and she is from a small town with 'gifts' which she has suppressed her whole 19 years. She moves to New York to live with her great-aunt who is mysteriously young. She dreams of being a journalist and wants to work for female magazines.
But she crosses a vampire-supermodel and now she is in danger. Cue super vampire and zombies.

This book is the start of a series and it's easy to read. However, the story and the characters are not engaging. It's difficult to relate to the people in the book. Other vampire series have better stories like the Vampire Diaries and of course Twilight.

What is your favourite book?


Monday, December 9, 2013

Product Review : L'oreal Super Liner, Perfect Slim

For some, applying eye liner can be difficult and messy.

L'oreal has created an eyeliner with a slim felt tip. It should be more precise than a pencil and create a more intense line.

My Review: The line is dark and precise. So my shaky hand highlighted how bad I am at applying eyeliner. So I turned the bumpy line into a smokey effect and that looked great. Better than a normal eye pencil.

On second go, I drew a fine line on each eyelid and it goes on perfectly. Yes!

Easy to Apply: Yes

How long does it last: All day and no smudges

Appearance: looks pro

What is your favourite eye pencil/liner?


Friday, December 6, 2013

Product Review : L'oreal Excess Volume Million Lashes

Fronted by the gorgeous Eva Longoria, L'oreal Paris has created a new mascara that will create the biggest lashes without the clumping. The formula will make the lashes soft.

The brush is huge and design to volumise.

There is an anti-clump brush as well, when the brush create lumps.

For those who have sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses, it has been opthalmologically tested.

So you are safe.

My review: Still not sure how the brush worked (it didn't on my Asian lashes)
Easy to apply: 6 coats to get some curling action
How long does it last: Almost all day
Appearance: Looks pro

Would you try this product?


Monday, December 2, 2013

My Makeup Look at Burberry

It's summer! And it means makeup brands have broughtout a new collection to mark the change in season.

Burberry is an old English brand, one that is known for trench coats (because it's so cold in London). Their designs are always understated - stylish yet simple from a distance but intricate up close.

What many people may not be aware of is - they also make makeup. They have been in Australia for 2 years and in the States for three years.

I went along for a makeup appointment and this was my look.

  • Bold eyebrows (my eyebrows were drawn it and extended which made me not recognised the face in the mirror)
  • Golden nude complexion (I had on the combination-skin foundation)
  • Light contouring (I think my nose looked longer!)
  • Soft cheeks and lips (pinks)
  • Smokey eyes (but no mascara)
Head your way to David Jones' Burberry makeup counter for more.

What makeup look will you be sporting this summer?