Sunday, September 22, 2013

Under the Sea : Australia's Next Top Model recap

This week, the girls headed to the beautiful island Mauritius. Their challenge was to a catwalk under the water. All participated except for Melissa who is a fear of water.

The most surprising thing this week was Jen Hawkins inviting the final four for a lunch. She was really caring and a lovely role model (which we as an audience have not seen that often this season).
The girls receive letters from comes the tears...

They have two photoshoots this week and one of the themes is Mermaids! And the other Clowns?

The weirdest moment, when Shanali falls from a tree (and she has clearly hurt herself) and Jez Smith, the photographer goes, 'Oh no, the shoes!' Then Jez goes, uh are you alright? Hmm....

What do you think?

Abbie the Mermaid

Shanali catwalking under water

Shanali, a clown or a person from another planet


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