Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Live Finale of Australia's Next Top Model

When shows are live, things always go wrong and so yep, Jen Hawkins did spoil some lines and sometimes we couldn't hear certain words but she did better than Sarah Murdoch (Oops, I announced the wrong winner!)

The show was full of pre-filmed clips of the final three, a Michael Jackson tribute (which included some of the eliminated contestants doing their best at dancing and then pausing)

The final two was Shanali (who has been the favourite this whole series) and Melissa (alien-looking but super bubbly but a shorty but taller than me of course!)

So who won....


I am a bit shocked but happy for either to have won!!!

Check out some of the pix from Instagram from the evening.

stunning Jen Hawkins, @aliciapecia

MJ performance with the final two doing the catwalk, @okmagaustralia

The finale three! @luke_dean_ld

Check back tomorrow for Melissa's portfolio :)


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