Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mirror Mirror - Australia's Next Top Model

The episode begins with "Jen Mail", which gives them a hint "all angles" and Jade (the personal trainer) yells "trapizum" then quirky-looking Melissa (the shortest girl there) says "Dude, that's a shape..." (Ha! That's that's what I was thinking)

The girls head to an anti-gravity yoga class where they use hammocks and it looks amazing!! (I wanna try). They mix pilates, yoga and dance together.

The challenge - the girls in pairs have to get changed and made up in a telephone booth. But they have to get changed into Alex Perry's next collection with HIM watching. Ugh those steely eyes and those sunnies sitting comfortably on his head.

Abbie wins! She has two attempts and wins both. She's so bubbly.

Djana yells something rude from frustration with the boots to Alex Perry "if your clothes were better quality, maybe the laces on your boots wouldn't be frayed". SLAP! But she has better vocabulary then other girls.

So she better bring it at the photoshot!

On to the photoshot, Djana WINS!! Check out the photos below...the final 6 next.
Djana, "perhaps if your clothes are better quality", "she wins"

Abbie in a softer moment


Jade, "trapezium!!!"

Melissa, the shortest girl there but beautiful face

Shanali, bottom 2 this week, awkward this week

More coming in a week's time!


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