Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Music Review: Anthony Callea : Thirty

So Anthony Callea is 30 years old.

I still remember his memorable rendition of the 'The Prayer' on Australian Idol. It's been a few years since then and he has recorded his latest album of his favourite songs (with two he wrote himself).

The famous songs included Go the Distance and When You Believe from the movie 'The Prince of Egypt'.

The first song is 'Go the Distance' is beautiful. The music is beautiful, however, I get up to the third song and I am struggling with the thought that I have another 9 songs to get through...(he has these habits in his singing e.g. in parts you can't understand what words he is pronouncing)

I had high hopes for When You Believe because I love Whitney and Mariah's original but I was let down. It was underwhelming. It didn't have the highs that the original had.

But he has a great voice, and the album on the whole is great


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