Monday, September 16, 2013

First Impression : The Bachelor - Aussie Version

So I missed the premiere of The Bachelor Australia, but it doesn't look like I missed too much...

And here are some of my predictions (after watching all series of the US Bachelor and Bachelorette)

Similarities -

  • Andrew G sounds and speaks just like Chris Harrison, come on! Use some original line, "the stakes are high", "he is serious"
  • Lavish dates - the first date (the one that always puts the most pressure on the girl towards the end of the series, trust me in the American version, the girl gets really insecure and some have become depressed and psycho) there is a private jet!
  • Beautiful women - Sarah the gorgeous brunette, Ali the blonde bombshell, real estate agent
  • Honest women - Penny says "you have known him for 10 minutes and you say you are in love with him, come on, give me a break" and she will most likely be shown as a "b*tch" later on in the series, and Ali goes "is that dress see through?"
  • Genuine women - every series of the Bachelor, there are women that beautiful on the outside and inside and this is great to watch
My predictions - Ali and Sarah are early favourites


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