Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Vogue Fashion Night Out

The first Thursday of September is Vogue Fashion Night Out. This is a global event and it was held in fashion capitals (Paris, Milan) as well as cities like Amsterdam, Mexico City and of course Sydney.

This event started because retailers and major fashion brand were struggling to keep afloat during and following the GFC.

This is my second fashion night out. Check out some of my photos from my night below and don't forget to check back tomorrow for photos from around the world (including a trendy Vogue bus in Amsterdam)

Low light of the evening : Most of the places that had said they would have drinks and canapes didn't have any when I got there...so a little disappointing (especially Westfields shops, they must have ran out or underestimated the amount of people)

Next year, I am not going to read the event calendar or plan my night so I don't get disappointed or have any expectations. That's my tip to you!

In Martin Place, with portable food stores, Asos, Whitehouse Fashion Institute

In Martin Place, spot the Gelato cart!

Honey, I turned the room upside down! By Sunday Style Magazine in Sunday Telegraph

In Pitt St Mall, Eva Mendes on the poster

Vogue ball

QVB, Aveda and Biotherm working their magic on women

Check back tomorrow for my favourite Instagram pix of Vogue Fashion Night Out from around the world.


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