Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Recap : The Bachelor Australia - Who will Blake Choose?

Last week's episode was Home Towns where Blake visited the family of the final four Bachelorettes. This is normally a daunting event and things did go wrong when Blake accidentally knocked a champagne glass into Louise's father but things mostly did go right. (Jessica left without the rose at the end of last week's episode).

The preview for tomorrow night's finale shows Blake proposing with a $58k Bunda ring!! Ehhh, hello?? Lucky girl.

So how did the home dates stack up?? (I'm going to keep it simple)


  • their relationship is playful and fun
  • her parents liked Blake
  • Blake liked Louise's family
  • they are always making out

  • Blake tells her, he is FALLING for her (big news!)
  • He loves her family
  • Her family loves him
  • She puts up a wall and he feels vulnerable (queue sad music)

  • They have fun together
  • He is amazed how loaded her parents are
  • Her family likes Blake

So who do you think Blake will propose to??

And while you ponder on that question, here is another photo of Blake...


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