Thursday, October 2, 2014

Makeup : Bobbi Brown's Smokey Eye

As an Asian, I am terrified of wearing a smokey eye. The risk of looking like a panda is very high

Regardless, I went along to the Bobbi Brown counter in David Jones to try out a new eye shadow palette Bobbi Brown has brought out.

I had my eyebrows filled in and I had a more 'subtle' version of a smokey eye.

The end result, I didn't look like me anymore! My eyebrows had a life of its' own and my eyes looked so awake, I thought my eye balls might pop out of my socket.

But below is a gorgeous photo of Kate Upton with the same look (left). (Can you believe she's only 22?)

Kate Upton for Bobbi Brown

I think she wears smokey eye better than me.

I much prefer if they did the golden glow look on me.

Now tell me do you wear a smokey eye? If so, how do you wear it?
If not, what eye makeup do you do?


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