Monday, September 22, 2014

Fashion : the Women of the Bachelor Australia's Style

Right now, we are down to just four ladies remaining in the competition for Bachelor Blake's love.

The remaining ladies are Lisa, Louise, Sam and Jessica.

Along the way, there has been plenty of drama and a showcase of quite a few entertaining characters including the Audrey Hepburn lookalike in Laurina and additional ladies to gain Blake's attention.

Below are some of my favourite outfits the ladies have worn.

Louise in Episode 16, in the popular style of two pieces 
Laurina in Episode 15, channelling her favourite, fashion icon, the late Audrey Hepburn
Louise again in Episode 13, in a gorgeous Sheike dress.

Zoe in Episode 13, who was just booted but not because of this outfit.
The Bachelor is on Wednesday nights at 7.30pm.

Have you been watching?
Who is your pick to win?


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