Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The New Faces in Beauty

We constantly admire the beauty of celebrities, actresses and singers and follow their style religiously.

The chosen celebrities are carefully chosen out of a big pool and are selected to become the face and ambassador of the brand. They are chosen based on their likeness to their brand and their market of fans.

The latest beauty, to be signed to the international, luxury brand Armani has been compared to Angelina Jolie and named by numerous sources and magazines as the sexist woman alive. Her name is Megan Fox.

Fox at 24 is already signed to Armani Jeans and lingerie so this latest signing to Giorgio Armani beauty has come as no surprise. No doubt she will sexed up this high-end beauty brand.

Calvin Klein, a brand that is known to be sexy, provocative and made for the incredibly confident woman has chosen a more demure “Face”. This woman played the most beautiful in the world in a movie blockbuster, Troy. Her name is Diane Kruger.
Asked as to why Kruger was chosen, "The Calvin Klein Beauty woman is authentic and true," the company said. "She is accomplished and inspiring." The design of the perfume bottle highlights CK for embracing feminine curves.

The “faces” of these beauty brands will no doubt change throughout the years or they may remain as the “face” for over a decade, i.e. Andie Macdowall for L’oreal. Either way, as consumers and admirers we always want to look like them.


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