Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Miranda Makes Vogue History

She is known as a Victoria's Secret Angel and won the Dolly Magazine competition which provided her the start to her modelling career.

She has walked for countless couture and high-end labels such as Gucci.

In her latest works, she posted nude for W Magazine in the states and has made history by appearing on the cover of Australian Vogue pregnant. Now this is saying something big. In an industry that favours size zeros, this move is definitely welcomed.

And doesn't she look so beautiful? I love her voluminous hair and the colour is a perfect chestnut. It has the right combination of curls and waves, adding to an illusion of bounce and life. And that's just the hair. She looks amazing!

If you want a piece of her (real estate), her New York apartment is for sale...and it looks pretty good too.


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