Friday, April 29, 2011

The Short Model

Kate Moss.

She has had a good share of highs and plenty of lows (key her story about being caught and photographed smoking pot).

But she has come-back stronger than ever this month and she has proved the modelling and fashion industry wrong regarding her height.

She is short for a model. Sitting at just 5'7 which is 170cm. (I wish I was that tall...)

This English chick has ridden the success carriage for decades and has continuous to do so...with her many campaigns with luxury brands including Mango, Gucci, Versace, the list doesn't end.

So this month, she is on the cover of US Vogue. Looking stunning as ever in her photoshot. See cover pic.

And in the same month, is her nude photo for Brazil Vogue. (Google this because she's definitely nude and I don't want anyone's butt on my blog)

The Asian countries love her as well (probably because she is the only successful model that is closer to the general population's average height). She's on the cover of Japan Vogue's May Edition.

Her modelling isn't stopping even though she is 37.

Here is to more moss!


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