Thursday, April 28, 2011

Purrrrr- fect!

She has ticked another item off her list.

Katy Perry has created a new perfume. Her signature scent and something she loves to wear daily.

When coming up with the name of the perfume, she played on the word and came up with purr, as in perfume and perfect.

So it's no surprised that in the perfume campaign, she has dressed from head to toe as catwoman (no doubt inspired by Catwoman herself).

The bottle also represents a cat. (in case you couldn't tell)

Let me take a guess, she likes cats?

And let me take another guess, she likes purple? (more than me!)

So what does it smell like?

Or rather what does Katy Perry smell like?

It contains notes of peach nectar, forbidden apple and vanilla orchid. And if you don't know what that smells smells like another celebrity brand of perfume. I can't think of which one but if I do, I will update this.

It's definitely aimed at the younger women because the scent is so sweet, floral and very soft. But I might wear it as well (although I don't want to be seen with the cat-shaped bottle on my dresser).

So head to Myer or DJs for a sniff.

Meeeeoooooow! (lame)


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