Thursday, April 28, 2011

She Shall be Known as Simply Kate

In recent weeks, we have been bombarded with endless reports of "Will & Kate".

Everything from their potential wedding cake to the potential form of transport to the wedding to the potential Honeymoon destination.

So I decided perhaps it's time that I pay a little attention to this beautiful event and share with you how the world has responded.

The Englishmen loves and hates them. Most are delighted about this event. Some hate that their taxes are being spent so lavishly instead of improving things like the health system. So I hear there is quite a bit of gloom in some English towns. (it's a good thing I am not planning a holiday over there as yet)

And the rest of the world, is going crazy. See below.

You too can get your own English Royal Wedding cake.

This is potentially what her wedding dress will look like. It's definitely an upgrade from Princess Diana's massive design.

Ok seriously, I hope they do have some peace and quiet for their special day and honeymoon. That the public and the rest of the world will respect their privacy.

Btw Will and Kate you guys are welcome in Australia!


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