Monday, February 14, 2011

What to do on V Day

If you are taken and a girl...awesome! You are like me, we don't need to plan anything except maybe buy a nice thoughtful gift! Whilst our other half, is all nervous about how the night or day will turn out.

Some go all out, hiring a private yacht to sail into the sunset (just envious of those that are doing this!) and some plan for something more traditional like a picnic in the park.

Whatever the plan is, I am just happy to spend time together. I don't come in with ideas from all my favourite rom-coms because frankly, they are unrealistic and it is hardly fair. (i.e. not everyone is Mr Darcy or Channing Tatum). And I don't want my dress to go on fire like Ms Lopez' in the Backup Plan or loosing my one of my Jimmy Choos on the stairs as I am rushing down them.

Ok, now for you single people (no I haven't forgotten about you single ladies and lads).

I know many of you are so jealous about the fact that other exciting and romantic things are happening to your friends. But rest assure, they are events planned around Sydney city, appropriately named Anti-Valentine's Day.

The best one and the most famous one in Sydney is hosted by Slip Inn on 11 Sussex St. I believe this is where Prince Fred met Princess Mary.

Be aware that some men do go to these events hunting for single women so if you are open to potential royalty or doosh-bag then go for it! But bring the girls along for protection and for great company.

Happy Valentine's Day! And take some photos for me please.


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