Thursday, February 17, 2011

March Fashion Magazine Covers

This week, I couldn't ignore the glossiness and beauty of each one of these international magazine covers. They are all engaging in their own right and they are highlighting some new talents.


For the boys, Model-turned-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – is starring in the forthcoming Transformers 3 film – makes her solo cover debut with this month's issue. (She replaces Megan what does everyone think?)


Not shy of attention, this lady has achieved her first ever Vogue cover. Finally, the Devil Wears Prada acknowledges Lady GaGa's influences on trends and fashion.


Katy Perry in colour blocks. She speaks about how her first record company dropped her when she was writing and singing Christian rock songs. Interesting fact, she was blonde back then. Brunette definitely suits her.


The one message for this season is that it’s time to be brave and embrace the joy of colour (I am trying to remind myself not to wear black every single day), whether it be with prints, stripes or just big bright bold blocks. And what better inspiration than that capital of colour - MEXICO! (Which is the location of where the cover was shot)

All of these mags are available at Borders and some available at the local newsagency.

Happy colour blocking or striping!


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