Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sisley Paris Products Review

I was recently treated to a facial and hand massage at Sisley at DJs. And many products were used on my face and one on my hand so I thought it would be good to share with you what my thoughts are.

Firstly, I have combination skin so take into what your skin type is.

Sisley started in Paris back in 1975 by Hubert d'Ornano. He focused on using botanical ingredients and essential oils, which is still occurring today.

Eye & Face masks are both clear. After 10 minutes, the skin should be feeling a little more hydrated. Mine felt a bit sticky which was the excess mask.

It doesn't have to washed off, it can just be toned off (meaning, wetting cotton pads or facial tissues with a gentle toner). I can't say that it did wonders because my skin still felt dry.

Hydrating moisturiser definitely has a thicker consistency. The product information says that it should be for an older woman but it encourages the young to start using it to prevent aging. It goes on smoothly but I think it might make me break out. I think my mum will like this product.

Rose water spray works like a toner but it also works like Evian facial spray water. It's hydrating and it smells so lovely. It's very similar to Jurlique Rose Water as well.

Foundation Teint Eclat is a heavy coverage. It uses the same natural and botanical ingredients but I swear it has a lot of synthetic ingredients in it because it looks funny on my skin. (only because it's more for an oily skin)

Hand cream smells like lavender. It smells beautiful and leaves me hands feeling very moisturised. I don't think it's worth the actual price though.

To finish, Sisley is not aimed at the younger market but they focus on high quality and hence it's the most expensive brand on the market. Website


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