Sunday, March 30, 2014

Skincare : My Favourite Natio Products Part 1

I have used Natio for a little while now.

But before then, I was struggling to find a skincare that didn't strip my skin but was still treating and caring for my stressed skin.

So here goes...some of my favourite Natio products so far (btw they are really affordable, big on quality and low on price!)

This night moisturiser/treatment is light but at the same time still hydrating. This is my night cream by choice in summer. And it helps it keep my adult blemishes less than what it could be.

Toners are an important part of the skincare routine because your cleanser doesn't always wash away all the dirt, oil and makeup off (depending on what you did for the day and the environments you were in). But many toners on the market are quite harsh but Natio's Rosewater and Chamomile is a gentle toner and smells so lovely and does the job.


This day moisturiser is very light and is my choice for the summer. The negative about this moisturiser is that there is no SPF. It gives my skin hydration.


I believe finding the right cleanser for your skin can really change the condition of your skin.
I love this gentle cleanser. It cleans well and I love how it foams up, giving me an even better impression that my skin is getting cleaned up right now.

A great alternative to foundation is BB Cream. It's lighter, doesn't clog the pores, calms the skin down and has SPF. See my previous post on BB Cream here.

Come back next week for Part 2!

What is your favourite brand and product?


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