Monday, March 24, 2014

Product Review : True Glow Cleansing Brush by Conair

Product Review : True Glow Cleansing Brush by Conair

If you ever feel like your skin is never clean enough from your normal cleansing routine and you are using up a lot of your toner then this brush promises to literally shake dirt and makeup from your pores without irritating your skin.

My normal cleansing routine is using a gentle foaming cleanser from Natio and lathering it on my face with water.

My skin is generally sensitive due to weather changes and generally from the environment so I chose to test drive product in place of my normal second cleanse.

This second cleanse is the most important because after a normal day, I have makeup, oil and dirt in my pores and I know the Pimple Devil is knocking on my door. Thus, a deeper and more thorough clean is required.

To use the brush and a damp face, place some of your normal cleanser on your face and a little bit of the cleanser on the brush head. I start the brush on low (recommended so you don't give yourself a shock) and then it automatically moves from medium to high then back to low.

I find the routine is a bit long for my face but for my body not long enough. Maybe, my face is too small...

Overall, a great product which I would use once a day.

Do you have a sonic brush? If so, which one?


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