Friday, September 30, 2011

How to do the Beehive

Yep you have seen it on Amy Winehouse and it looks ugly...but did you think it could possibly be a glamorous up do?

The following is from

To create it you will need a long hair brush, a detail brush, some pins and a decorative hair band, ribbon or ornament.

Start by brushing your fringe forward, then move an inch back from where your fringe starts and take a line of hair forward. Work down to the ear on both sides, brushing the hair forward.

Next, start taking sections of the hair from your crown and backcomb with firm movements from the tip down to the base of the hair - working through the hair. Then gather up the back-brushed hair and start moulding it round to create height and gather up at the base to support the beehive at the front. Secure with pins to keep the hair in place.

Now you can start smoothing and pulling the front sections loosely round, so the overall effect doesn't look too contrived and secure at the back. If you have a short fringe you can leave it smoothed on your forehead or for a long fringe, sweep it off too the side for added definition.

Finishing touches can glam up the final look - choose decorative combs, sparkly pins or strands of shiny ribbon. When you're happy with the results, keep everything in place with a strong hold hairspray and a defining gloss.


• This style works best on hair that has not just been washed - hair is easier to shape and manage a day or two after washing.

• For extra effect, choose a decorative ribbon, comb or flower to match your outfit or the occasion.

• When securing the back brushed sections to support the beehive, mould and shape to the height you want to achieve. The tighter you pull it the smaller the beehive.

• Try and angle a mirror so you can see how the style is looking from the back.

• And finally.... keep out of high winds and avoid low doorways!

See how cute is it?

Happy long weekend :)


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