Saturday, August 31, 2013

Event: Strand Arcade: Evening with Designers

Event: Strand Arcade: Evening with Designers

As part of the Mercedes Benz Sydney Fashion Week in the third last week of August, the Strand Arcade in the Sydney CBD hosted a special evening with their designers

The night went along like this...

At 10 past 6, the line from the entrance was already 10 metres long. Whilst waiting to enter, a photographer from his blog had asked if he could take a photo of us (that's coz my plus 1 was dressed oh so on trend and chic).

When we entered, guests were wishing to get their hands on the complimentary Cointeau cocktails and roasted nuts. It was flooded with people so we escaped by heading upstairs.

The Strand Arcade was transformed into a place that looked so magical with all of the adorable lights and a bit like a tea party in a beautiful garden.

We sipped on Chandon bubbly, indulged in a creme brulee tart where the pastry was a little burnt (maybe not worth the $6) and discovered a store called 'Sweet Art'. They offered us the most wonderful red velvet cake with the most delicious vanilla, creamy icing. They cater and decorate corporate events and other types of pastries.

See below for visual summary.

Upper floor of Strand Arcade

Table Setting in Secret Art

Inside Secret Art, beautiful chandelier and floral arrangement

Entrance into the Strand Arcade for Evening with Our Designers

Stay tuned for a skincare blog post tomorrow!


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