Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fashion Palette 2012

I was lucky enough to get double passes for the 2 day events.

The first show that I went along to was Bettina Liano (I apologise that I haven't been able to upload my photos from the shows as yet), she is the denim queen but most of the outfits were misses. One reminded me on being a milk maid, chewing on a straw (so it wasn't classy) and others were really elegant, fine detail, soft in colour, just perfect for Spring and Summer. But most outfits were misses, very 80s, dated. I wouldn't buy her new pieces and if you really like the 80s style of denim on denim (so head to toe denim) just raid your closet (it looks exactly the same).

Next was Provacator who's clothes I wasn't really sure you could wear out into public. The women looked really masculine and none of the clothes were fitted. The colour palette was black, black and more black and here I was thinking that it was a Spring and Summer fashion show, clearly I was wrong.

After a few other fashion shows, Lilyhart was a winner. Beautiful prints in beautiful colours and beautifully designed dresses and clothing for women. She understands how to make people look good.

Overall it was a great Friday arvo and Saturday. It was a great experience seeing all of the shows. Despite, shows being cancelled or running 40mins late, the highlight was the makeup by Nicola Johnson and Lilyhart. The trends I saw were lots of black and lots of dark colours for Provacator for Spring/Summer, denim on denim for Bettina Liano, lots of glitter and shine for Sistar Shoes and pretty prints for Lilyhart.

And the highlight for the whole event was the makeup artist, beautiful work Nicola Johnson.

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