Monday, February 13, 2012

V Day 2012

Tomorrow, is Tuesday but it's also Valentine's Day. And for some, it's just another day. For others, people are busy planning a romantic day or night. And for the remaining group, it's the most dreadest day of the year.

So for the singletons, being single doesn't mena you are without love or loveless, you can still celebrate the idea of love. For example, writing a V Day car to a friend who has been heartbroken or mum because you know you've been a terrible cow and she deserves some love.

If you need help to express your feelings to your special loved one, perhaps the below could help:

At Strand Arcade, Pitt St Mall, Sydney CBD

Share the love this Valentine's Day with the help of Sydney's top writers including Shelly Horton Editor-At-Large of S in the Sun Herald, Sydney Confidential journalist Joel Christie at the Daily Telegraph and the stylish editors of fashion blog Breakfast With Audrey! Let them help you write the perfect prose for your free personalised Valentine's Day card, plus visit our photobooth and receive a complimentary Haigh's heart chocolate!

Date & Time:

12-2pm, 13th February with Shelly Horton and Joel Christie

12-2pm, 14th February with Pip Dalton and Natasha Williams of Breakfast With Audrey

For the guys, there are semi-naked women walking around Sydney CBD calling out ' Happy V Day ' today and tomorrow. This is more of a reason to take a break from work and head on down for a bit of sun and

For those who have a special someone, head down to the photobooth at lunch and I will see you there for some happy snapping!

Happy V Day!


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