Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sparklers...for the girls

There's a song that says that diamonds are a girl's best friend.

And there is some truth in that.

So I've listed out some of the below items that is more of a sugesstion to the boyfriends and guys to buy something pretty...something that sparkles.

These Pave Balls Sherpard Earrings are so pretty. They are only $150 for something that looks like $10,000. By Secrets Shh in Westfield Pitt St Mall.

This pink watch is called the Mini Riley. It's got a silicone dial and it's by Fossil. And it's cheaper than Guess watches, only at $149.

If you love the girl, give her jewellery with a heart. That's making a statement.
This necklace is $95 and buy Charm Me.

(And girls, don't be afraid to send him the link to this...that way you don't have to say it, let the blog do it's talking)


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