Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good Sportsmanship is required

We all love sport. It's no secret. Us Aussies religiously watch all different types of sports in packs. We get into it and we are passionate about it.

But no matter what happens, good sportsmanship is required.

Latest news from Delhi - Aussie wrestler Hassene Fkiri, 36 missed out on the gold during the final match to India's Anil Kumar. Frustrated, he refused to shake his opponent's hand and made rude gestures to the ref.

His coach says that he is a nice and happy person normally and Kumar had upset him and pulled his neck.

Huh? Isn't this wrestling? Isn't this a contact sport so aggression comes with it?

Regardless of how upset he was, be the bigger person and shake hands with the guy! I mean you got up and personal with the guy (and let me emphasise how physically close you guys were). Plus you are there to represent Australia so don't behave un-Australian puh-lease.

My message to Fkiri, you should have accepted the silver medal, silver is awesome! Most girls love silver or white gold on their fingers and wrists as oppose to gold now. Plus you are 36 so are you planning to wait for the next round of the Commonwealth Games?

Nevermind me! I am looking forward to see you compete in the next Commonwealth a four years time.



  1. Athletes train their whole lives for these competitions. This is their career and if they lose, they can be forgiven for not saying "gg" afterwards.

  2. It is understandable that one would be disappointed and angry after they lose. However, athletes (and human beings) should still respect their opponents and lose graciously.

    Pointing the rude finger, not shaking hands and cursing is very disrespectful and ungracious behaviour.