Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Must Admit...

Everyone knows, being injured is no fun. And the aftermath can be quite unbearable. So here is my story of how I sprained my ankle three times under three seconds...

Ready for a touch footy game for Corporate Games at 8am, I made my way to the train station to take the train to Macquarie Uni. My ride to the touch footy fields was unreliable so I ended up walking that 2km or so.

Late, I was and tired and wet from the grass, I had missed my first game. But no fear, another two games remained.

At 12.15pm, during the last game for the day, some 200kg man decided to stir a fight with a 45kg girl (me). Strange, I thought, especially since it's unprofessional and unneccessary.

Running backwards in keeping formation of the line and running into a ditch on the field. My right ankle went far out and far in (because I tried to regain my balance) and far out (again in my attempt to regain balance).

Bad move.

Incredibly bad move.

I couldn't stand for 6 days, and I started walking after I could stand...

I'm back at work now, although, I still waddle instead of walking.

I missed my sports during the week and my dance.

But I'm on the road to recovery.

Wish me luck! Till next time.

xo E

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