Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Recap : After The Bachelor finale

So I have been incredibly quiet about this and have not voiced my opinion on what has happened since the Bachelor finale. But - I can no longer hold it in. So here goes...

Louise and Blake on The Project

Firstly, the proposal where Blake announced to Sam (and the whole Australian public) that he has one final question for Sam and tells us he is sure of it but doesn't make the effort to date his fiance or see her face-to-face? Strange

After the finale, no interviews with the media is scheduled and this is indeed very strange.

Blake and Louise on their final date
Secondly, he dodges questions when asked by the media, including Channel Ten's The Project. He is obviously not going to tell us the truth. He is obviously in love with someone else and has something about it.

In conclusion, he is one confused dude who needs some harsh talking from his mother and aunt. Who on this world, pronounces their love for one person and being so certain about it and then a few weeks later changes his mind. If he felt pressure to proposed by Channel Ten, he should have realised it's his life and Tim didn't proposed and that has worked out pretty good...

I did want Louise to win, I absolutely loved her and her sense of style but I didn't want her to win her love this way. But I wish them the best of luck.

Silly goose.

What do you think?

Have a lovely day!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Recap ; We are Down to 2!! The Bachelor Australia

So now I really don't know who Blake is going to pick!

He has told both Lisa and Sam, he is falling for them - hard.

But Lisa and Sam have declared their love and feelings for him.

Louise went home (I knew it!). They have a more playful and fun relationship, as oppose, to serious and 'will this last forever'? 'can we just be fun and playful for the rest of our life?'

See below style photos from last night

So who you think he will choose???


Makeup : Bobbi Brown's Smokey Eye

As an Asian, I am terrified of wearing a smokey eye. The risk of looking like a panda is very high

Regardless, I went along to the Bobbi Brown counter in David Jones to try out a new eye shadow palette Bobbi Brown has brought out.

I had my eyebrows filled in and I had a more 'subtle' version of a smokey eye.

The end result, I didn't look like me anymore! My eyebrows had a life of its' own and my eyes looked so awake, I thought my eye balls might pop out of my socket.

But below is a gorgeous photo of Kate Upton with the same look (left). (Can you believe she's only 22?)

Kate Upton for Bobbi Brown

I think she wears smokey eye better than me.

I much prefer if they did the golden glow look on me.

Now tell me do you wear a smokey eye? If so, how do you wear it?
If not, what eye makeup do you do?


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Recap : The Bachelor Australia - Who will Blake Choose?

Last week's episode was Home Towns where Blake visited the family of the final four Bachelorettes. This is normally a daunting event and things did go wrong when Blake accidentally knocked a champagne glass into Louise's father but things mostly did go right. (Jessica left without the rose at the end of last week's episode).

The preview for tomorrow night's finale shows Blake proposing with a $58k Bunda ring!! Ehhh, hello?? Lucky girl.

So how did the home dates stack up?? (I'm going to keep it simple)


  • their relationship is playful and fun
  • her parents liked Blake
  • Blake liked Louise's family
  • they are always making out

  • Blake tells her, he is FALLING for her (big news!)
  • He loves her family
  • Her family loves him
  • She puts up a wall and he feels vulnerable (queue sad music)

  • They have fun together
  • He is amazed how loaded her parents are
  • Her family likes Blake

So who do you think Blake will propose to??

And while you ponder on that question, here is another photo of Blake...


Red Carpet : Dally M 2014

Last week, we had the Brownlows and now we have the Dally M, which is the big night for NRL, but don't ask me who the players are! I have no idea except for Todd Carney who is a silly goose.

Jodi Anasta
The ladies were well-dressed and the colour white was very common.

Jodi from Home & Away is my favourite dressed but check out some of the others:

Jessica Mauboy

Phoebe Hooke

Shoe Queen, Terry Biviano

I have no idea why the Bachelor got invited, Tim and Anna

Which is your favourite?


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Model Spotlight ; Cara Delevingne

Currently, her face is everywhere. She is a muse of every fashion house giant. So who is Cara?

She is the youngest daughter of Pandora and Charles who is a property developer and her sister, Poppy is also a model. She has the largest social media followers and she is constantly on social media. Her friends includes Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift and Rita Ora. And she is only 22.

Check out some of her fashion campaigns for Chanel (working out some dumbbells), Burberry (iconic trench coats), Mulberry (the most luxury handbags) and YSL (new red rouge).

Cara Delevingne for Chanel Fall Winter 2014

My Burberry fragrance, Behind the Scene Shoot with Kate Moss
Cara Collection at Mulberry
Watch this face!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Model Spotlight : Kendall Jenner for Miss Vogue Australia

Kendall as she is now professionally known has been taking the modelling and fashion industry by storm (she dropped her last name, perhaps as an attempt to further herself from the crazy tv show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians and her crazy family.)

In the Spring/Summer fashion shows, she has been busy walking down the catwalk for Balmain, Marc Jacobs and Chanel but she has taken some time to pose for the camera for Miss Vogue Australia.

See below for the gorgeous photos.

Watch this face!